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OnsiteGo Offer Codes,coupon,voucher,promo,codes is a customer service company providing damage protection programs. It offers an extended warranty period for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, TVs, and other appliances. The programs cover physical and liquid damage and run concurrently with the manufacturer’s warranty.Onsitego has one overwhelming purpose:To Provide Exceptional Customer Service in consumer Electronics. Our goal is to ensure, that the simple joy of owning an electronic device or appliance stays with the customer for as long as possible. We’re proud of our ever growing family of 5 Million + customers. We seek to transform the purchase, ownership and resale of electronic products into hassle-free and transparent experiences.We are in the business of protecting and extending the life of all electronic gadgets, big and small. We offer a range of customer-oriented, post-purchase services – that have been designed to protect your devices and ensure their longevity. For every gadget you own and love, we have a plan to protect it!

OnsiteGo Offer Codes,coupon,voucher,promo,codes ,The entire device ownership experience of the customer is centered around the brand or the retailer. Brands make fantastic gadgets and retailers are great at selling those gadgets, but the harsh reality is, if something goes wrong with your precious gadget, it’s a pain getting help from either the brand or the retailer.When you need a hassle-free & delightful customer service, none of the above is able to help! This is where Onsitego comes in. Our award winning customer service combined with our thoughtful protection plans ensure the best protection for every device you buy.Our flagship product – Extended Warranty, protects your devices even after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty. Our Damage Protection plans for mobile phones, tablets and laptops cover what the manufacturers don’t – physical and liquid damage, and run concurrently with the manufacturer’s warranty. These and more such products help our customers – Stay Delighted!

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