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Khodar and More Offer,coupon,promo codes; Affiliate program lets you join forces & earn excellent profits from a Kodar and more CPS offer that you deliver directly on your channels. Khodar & more are an amazing online grocery shopping App and eCommerce web site providing high quality produce perfect for your people in Saudi Arabia. It is about time your KSA people enjoyed the Khodar & more shopping experience with top produce, free deliveries & all at competitive prices.Khodar and More is an online grocery shopping App and eCommerce website with a rich offering of grocery products, fresh fruits and vegetables, high-quality organic produce, frozen foods, meat and poultry and bakery products. … We deliver FREE using our own refrigerated trucks, so all your groceries arrive fresh!

Khodar and More Offer,coupon,promo codes; is an online grocery shopping App and eCommerce web site with a special focus on very high quality fresh fruits and vegetables, in addition to organic products and organic fresh produce that is brought to you from 100% certified organic farms. Of course not any fruits or vegetables, Khodar and More only sends out class “A” premium quality. Gradually we’ll be adding more products which will fulfill your shopping experience and make it even more convenient, much easier and saves you money.Delivery is FREE using our own Khodar and More branded refrigerated trucks delivering from our own warehouse to your door step, thus ensuring that you receive only the best quality. We don’t shop from nearby supermarkets; we only sell the products that are available in our warehouse and our cold store, which are not open for public shoppers to tamper with fresh produce maintaining the highest levels of hygiene and quality.Because, we only use our own Khodar and More branded refrigerated delivery trucks, we have our own staff and delivery team that are highly trained to offer you unmatched grocery shopping experience which will make you forget your traditional way of going to the supermarket.Our prices are extremely competitive and we have continuous special offers, thus providing you not only with convenience but with unmatched money savings and quality.You can return anything that you don’t like without any question asked, and you just pay for the products that you like. Follow us up on Khodar and More Offer Codes  website and make the best use of our “Deals” section.

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