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Arata Offer Codes,coupon,voucher,promo codes The word Arata has its roots in Japanese, meaning fresh  or  new. We bring you a range of nourishing, plant-based wellness products that are 100% nature-derived, chemical-free, and completely non-toxic.Each Arata product is safe and highly effective for everyday use. We believe in giving your skin and hair-care routine a fresh, new approach with all-natural, vegan products that look, smell and feel fantastic. Through years of rigorous product development and collaboration with some of India’s finest Cosmetologists and Production Specialists, Arata Offer Codes,coupon,voucher,promo codes we have ensured that our ingredients are of the highest quality and integrity, something that is central to the direction of our brand.So toss out the toxins and nurture your body with synthetic-free ingredients in the Arata Zero Chemicals Revolution.Arata is an Indian wellness brand founded in 2018 by Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin. The brand name, Arata (Japanese: 新た), means ‘fresh’ and ‘new’ in Japanese. … The brand has its headquarters in New Delhi.

Arata Offer Codes,coupon,voucher,promo codes Shampoo is one of the best product and arrived in right condition and seal.Arata Offer Codes,coupon,voucher,promo codes It is plant based and does not damage hair or scalp. Main thing is it neither makes hair too dry, nor leavers sticky. It’s the perfect way to get bounce and fluffy hair.On wet hair, after applying a light leave in conditioner/ curl cream (I’ve used Cantu Curl Activator in the pic above), take a big dollop of the Arata Hair Gel and smooth it on to the hair. PS- If your hair doesn’t like creams and leave in’s simply use the gel to style straight after your shower.The concept of Arata came to life during an evening in January 2016. The co-founders of Arata, Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin had been good friends for years. Madhok was hosting a gathering at his home, and the conversation steered towards the harmful effects of toxic hair styling products. They realized that today almost every personal care product on store-shelves, barring a few oils, has chemicals in them. A few chemical ingredients, known to be carcinogens, banned in North America and Europe, were still widely used in products in India.

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